Normal people

I have been devouring the book 'Normal people' by Sally Rooney. First it was just a suggestion by a friend at work. My friend liked the book and mentioned it to me. Then I volunteer at a charity bookstore selling and sorting books on Saturdays and the book arrived in a donation. I took the … Continue reading Normal people


A good week

It was a good week. Why? What makes a good week? Snow/Nature - It might be the snow that decided to come out to play on a lovely winter morning on the last day of January. It didn't stay for long, but it turned everything white for a brief moment of wonder. I love the … Continue reading A good week

Side effects

The struggle continues day by day, fighting the fog that covers my mind. Many of my issues with the side effects of the medication mirror others: drowsiness and weight gain being the main two for me. I had hoped that reducing the medication would mean that I would gradually regain my energy. So far that … Continue reading Side effects