Right now I am feeling upbeat and full of optimism. Sometimes when I am feeling happy, I barely notice my black dog and it is difficult to remember how bad it can get. There is a danger in forgetting as it is possible for the negative thoughts to start taking control again. I need to … Continue reading Remembering



I don't know whether I want people to read what I have written. I feel comfortable with the anonymity of having a pseudonym and avatar to represent me, but I was thinking of sharing what I had written wider to people who knew me as a person and not as an avatar and was scared. … Continue reading Anonymity

Side effects

The struggle continues day by day, fighting the fog that covers my mind. Many of my issues with the side effects of the medication mirror others: drowsiness and weight gain being the main two for me. I had hoped that reducing the medication would mean that I would gradually regain my energy. So far that … Continue reading Side effects