Dry spell

There has been a dry spell in Cambridge, one that mirrors the dry spell in my words. Yet the beauty of a recent trip to the lake district calls to me and inspires my writing. Driving through the Honister pass, we wound up and down fells at an angle that tested the engine of our … Continue reading Dry spell


Side effects

The struggle continues day by day, fighting the fog that covers my mind. Many of my issues with the side effects of the medication mirror others: drowsiness and weight gain being the main two for me. I had hoped that reducing the medication would mean that I would gradually regain my energy. So far that … Continue reading Side effects

Thank you

I was going to title this blog with three words: "I am sorry." Three small words with heavy connotations. It is so easy to fall into the trap of routinely saying "I am sorry", when there are better options. Yet sometimes saying "I am sorry" can soften the disappointment that some people feel when you … Continue reading Thank you


It floats towards the mind like a silken thread spun by a spider. Try to catch the thread of the story, the idea, the poem before it breaks into nothing. Be gentle as you weave it into the pattern that suits this moment, this image, this truth, this tale. Gradually the beauty takes form. Images … Continue reading Thread