Educated: thought-provoking

Have you read Educated, the memoir by Tara Westover? It is certainly a brilliant book and well worth a read, though violent at times and shocking at others. What struck me most was her experience with mental illness and self doubt. Like Tara, I went to counselling while at Cambridge University to try to talk … Continue reading Educated: thought-provoking


My favorite places in Cambridge, UK – Part I

I was talking to a friend today about Cambridge and though they normally do not like ice cream, we both agreed that the gelato from Jack's gelato in Cambridge city centre was truly special. This started me thinking of my favorite places in Cambridge. Botanic Gardens When I have a day off or simply want … Continue reading My favorite places in Cambridge, UK – Part I

Off the wall

What an unusual saying, off the wall. I wonder what are the origins of the phrase, the etymology of the idiom. I drank a cup of caffeine full of sugar and am now paying the price. I feel full of energy and have thoughts bouncing around my head. I know that I am going to … Continue reading Off the wall

How to be human and other books

Currently I am reading How to be human by Ruby Wax, having just finished Less by Andrew Sean Greer. Both are full of humour and deal with difficult topics in a light and accessible manner. In Less, the misfortunes of the main character result in a transition from laughing at him to laughing with him … Continue reading How to be human and other books