Happy Independence Day

Today one of my colleagues asked if I was going to celebrate the 4th of July and I told them no, that the 4th of July was the anniversary of a bad experience for me and so I do not celebrate it anymore. Ever since that conversation, I have been pondering whether I should in […]

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Conspiracy Connections Everywhen and Everywhere

‘You’re Paranoid. You’re Paranoid. They’re coming to get you.’ The best way to describe my experience of paranoia in July 2015 was that everything suddenly clicked in my mind. Every detail of my life suddenly made sense; an alternative explanation and perspective started to dominate my thoughts. Everything and everyone throughout my life had a connection to the conspiracy threatening me. It was […]

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Working time regulations

I was going to post every week on a Sunday morning, but I could not sleep this morning (I am slowly reducing my antidepression medication which means I have a lot more energy in the mornings, perhaps too much energy) and so I have written a post based on a meeting I had yesterday. I started a […]

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